Saturday, May 21, 2016

Catching up!

As you can tell I've been behind on some swaps, just the nature of life right now...

But here's some more of what I've gotten done!

I promised Kim that for our March swap I would make her a layout with photos from our meet at the Grapevinr Scrapbook Expo. I love the series of 3 photos I took to get her to smile at me and show off the PL I made her! This is page 1!

Page 2 was made special by the photoshopped image I created. I added my entry receipt and some other fun embellishments. 

The spread together! 

I also signed up for a swap in the TX PL Pals group. The theme was "April Showers Bring May Flowers". And in true me fashion, I threw the theme out the window and made my first clear based PL, with summer time nods!

Pineapples, Polka Dots and Pink Flamingos! I even cut up some scraps and added some pink flamingos into the shaker pocket. Some simple embellishments finished it off like Washi and a tassel! Hope she likes it! 

Until next time,

Monday, May 2, 2016

While the cat is away...

The mice will play...


Who knows!

I do know that my birthday has passed, my student teaching is over, I've been on 3 interviews for jobs, and graduation is Sunday! 

In the down time I've made and received a few things. 

A Spring themed swap from my dear friend in the Carolinas. She has this thing for sheep, and everything she makes is handmade and so very thoughtful. 

She also sent me this. It's an April Birthstone 8 pocket business card holder. It's hard to see but there are so many sweet handwritten details. In the shaker pockets are little diamond shapes that she hand drew. Similar to these:
I mean really, she nailed it! 

My best pal Kim sent me this for my birthday. We agreed at the Scrap expo to do a 12x12 and we even bought the paper there too. I stinking love this! So bright, colorful, and happy ... like me! 

Happy Birthday Kim! 

Here is what I've made so far:
A may Birthstone PL for my Carolina friend. I didn't have many loose emeralds but had plenty Peridots. So I snuck a few in her shaker pockets. Off it goes tomorrow! 

And this is a new one for me. An Altered Notebook! My first one and I was partnered with a guy too! Double challenge. I'll admit I wasn't fond of this at first but once my embellishments exploded all over it I was very satisfied with the end product. Hope he likes it!

I still can't believe my last post was March...

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Another February Swap!

Sometimes you start swapping with friends just for fun each month...

That's what June and I have done for several months now. No hard and fast theme, just a fun surprise for one another's mail box. 

In February she sent me this lovely piece: 
I love how daring she is with the glitter Washi tape. I just recently trashed mine, stuff sheds like crazy. I think she prints off themes from her computer, and they are just darling! I loved the pink and blue together, not to mention the sweet bow, tassels and the totally adorable scrabble letter tiles. 

I, finally, sent this off to her:
My first horizontal pocket letter! AND my first Julie Nutting Doll. I purchased the stamp while at the Expo with Kim. I also picked up some foiled ATCs from Hobby Lobby which I used here. This was such an elegant and crisp layout. The colors popped and I was so happy with the end product. I really think I can make some more horizontal letters now that they aren't as daunting. 

I've gotten mostly caught up on my letters so now I can make Kim's layout and a few fun PLs to send out later! 

Until next time,

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sweet Treats

Another Swap from our TX PL Pals Swap Group! 

I've done my best to sign up for at least one swap a month in our group. It's been hard to keep up considering my obligations, however, I have never failed to get a single one out, even if it was late!

The next swap up for fun was titled "Sweet Treats". Unbeknownst to Kim, she paired Marie and I again. However, this was perfect. Marie's work is so wonderful, and I knew she would be forgiving when it came to my tardiness. 

Here is what she sent me:
She loves sweets! She made every pocket so happy and bright. I loved the Cricut cut donuts. And the tableware paper clips are to die for! However, my favorite part, was the mini PL she sent me as a goody! Is it not the sweetest? I thought the recipe card was adorable, and you should have seen the goodies she sent too! She's an incredible partner! 

Here is what is making its way to her, late, but better than never:
This literally took no time at all! I think it was the colors I used, and I had a plan too! I got to use my Heidi Swapp bright frames. I slid those in front of the 4 shaker pockets I made. Each pocket has a fun sticker combo of cupcakes and other sweet things. I've enjoyed all of my pocket letters but this one is now my new favorite! 

I hope she loves it as much as I do! Sweet treats sure do make for a sweet swap! 

Until next time, 

Valentine's Swap at the Scrapbook Expo

It's my Spring Break finally! 

I survived my first round of student teaching. And last week, when my college had their spring break, the week started off with some tornados and continued with rain. My final test of student teaching came in the form of having students who had no recess all week, whilst having a substitute with me as my teacher was sick, and Friday was a party day too. But I conquered it, and I feel I am beyond prepared for the road ahead. 

A while ago I shared my Scrapbook Expo Antics with Kim. But I didn't get to share a close-up of those stellar PLs, so here they are now! 

This was my unusual take on a Valentine's PL. Some of the familiar holiday colors but in a unique way. I opted for a calendar featuring the holiday date as well as the date of our first face-to-face meeting. Lots of staples, some unique paper clips and some hand made buttons too (my favorites that someone made and sent me). Glitter letters topped off with some more of my new Heidi Swapp Washi Tape. And of course, I threw in some cats too! 

Here is what I got from Kim:
I absolutely loved the Candy Heart paper she chose. And she knows I enjoy owls too and I was thrilled to see them on this sweet Pocket Letter. I though the envelope filled with hearts at the bottom was a nice touch. She clearly spent quite some time cutting out embellishments on her Cricut as well, all of which made the letter pop. I loved the sweet ribbons she tied around the holes, and the sweet charm she included. What you didn't see was the awesome Cinnamon Lolly Pop she game me as well, so delicious! 

I have no idea what she's making me for this month, however, I opted to make her a two page layout with photos from our adventure. I hope she likes it! 

Until next time, 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Junkie...

Not long ago, Kim posted in our Texas swap group about an upcoming expo she was going to...

She was curious to see if anyone else would be going. I glanced at it and said no. But then I went and looked was in Grapevine...about an hour and a half from me. Suddenly I was in...

Kim and I arranged to swap numbers and meet. We even agreed to do our latest Pocket Letter swap in person. 

Time was ticking by, and I was a little nervous. Would we hit it off in person like we had online? Would she recognize me? Was she really a kidnapper preying on the weak?

The night before, I had my my PL packed with goodies and ready to go. Kim and I swapped numbers, but didn't plan too heavily on the rest of the details. Fate would surely handle the rest. 

I made the drive and was immediately floored by the beauty of the convention center and resort. Shameless plug, the Gaylord Texan is gorgeous, you should see it sometime. 

I texted Kim to tell her I had arrived. And then we shopped separately. I probably had walked past her. But then we decided it was time to meet up! I eagerly made my way to her location, and like some creepy person watched her from a distance...

Nope, it wasn't a kidnapper, no guy in disguise, and no sooner than I had emerged we instantly made eye contact and the rest was history! Sure enough she recognized me. And let me tell you, there was no need to worry if we would hit it off, because we giggled and participated in many a shenanigan. 

We sat down and had lunch. And we even made our pocket letter exchange. 
I was so ticked by the candy heart paper she chose for the pockets!

She sat and marveled at the pocket letter I had given her. It took a few snaps to get a decent picture, she kept making faces. This in turn made us laugh. The poor women across from us at lunch seemed to enjoy our antics though. 

We must have circled the isles many times. We would stop and buy stuff. I would get her something and sneak it in her bag and she would then do the same for me. One of us would point out something pretty and the other would follow behind, and more purchases were made. 

That look she is giving me, haha! 

Fountain photo-op! 

I never knew that when I entered the world of crafting that I would meet so many amazing ladies and form so many lasting bonds. And when I made my way into the land of Pocket Letters, I knew I was in good company. Never would I have dreamed of making a friendship like I have with Kim, and I have never been more thankful that I did. 

Cats, rats, laughter and creativity. Throw in some owls and sequins too. There is very little that we don't have in common. I'm sure there is always more to learn about eachother, but for now, I can't express how thankful and happy I am to have made a friend like Kim. Thanks for a fun day, I can't wait to do it again!

Until next time,

Pink, Black & Gold!

I'm back with another fun swap! 

Before I went on hiatus from my normal swap group I signed up for one last one.

The theme?
Pink, Black, & Gold!

I set to work, and man let me tell you, I'm getting good at making them whilst crunched for a deadline! 

Here it is, not quite finished, but the true colors show better here. 

All done! I used the last of my corrugated scrap paper, and I was so excited to use my new Heidi Swapp Washi Tape! I'm in love with my Fuse and as a result, the shaker is now my favorite part to make. A few tags and embellishments later, and in the mail it went. 

And can I tell you, I was in for a surprise...

Caryn sent me this absolutely flawless PL. I can't even begin to tell you how simple, and clean this PL is. The edge are crisp, and the embellishments don't weigh it down. And so you see the tape she used for the edge? I absolutely adore it! 

She also spoiled me with tons, and I mean TONS of extra treats. I love the 'Selfie' tag. And hellllooo chocolate! 

It was a nice send off for my hiatus. Student teaching is nearly halfway done. But I'm managing to keep up with my dedicated swaps in the meantime. 

And did I mention I finally got to meet my cohort Kim in person?

I can't wait to share that post! 

Until next time,